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Reading Luke

Welcome to ‘Reading Luke.’ A few weeks ago the worship committee brainstormed about a way to dig deeper into God’s word together as worshipers at Knightstown United Methodist Church during the season of Lent. The idea to focus on the Gospel of Luke in daily readings, Sunday worship, preaching and teaching, Kids Connection, Adult and Children’s Sunday School was embraced.

And, here we are a few days from the start of Lent 2023. I am excited about digging deeper in God’s Word together! Please look for the list of daily readings and for the pdf with the reading schedule including the text of the Gospel of Luke and join us to read the Gospel of Luke during Lent.

Plan to start on Ash Wednesday February 22, 2023. Every Sunday of Lent, take a break from reading and spend time in prayer or review your favorite passage from the week before. By Easter Sunday April 9, 2023, you will have read through the whole Gospel of Luke and, I hope, will have a renewed understanding of Jesus’ love for you.

Growing in the Spirit together,

Pastor Ed.

The Gospel of Luke with a 40-Day Reading Plan

Luke Reading Plan Schedule