God’s Gang Tribute to Veterans and First Responders

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Yesterday, God’s Gang, our Monday afternoon children’s ministry, honored the Veterans and First Responders in the Knightstown area.


God’s Gang


The children played the National Anthem with handbells.  They also thanked each of the Veterans and First Responders and shared an American Flag with them.

See the video of God’s Gang playing the National Anthem with bells by clicking HERE.

The children also prepared an “American Blessing Mix”, which was shared after the event.  The “Blessing Mix” consisted of:

  1. Bugles – Answering the call to serve the people of our country.
  2. Pretzels – Arms folded in prayer for those who are protecting us.
  3. Candy Corn – Sacrifices of our early settlers. How they survived on a few grain of corn.
  4. Nuts and Seeds – Promise of a future when we plant.
  5. Dried Fruits – Harvest gifts of our beautiful land.
  6. M&M’s – Memories of those who came before us to guide us and give their lives to protect our future.
  7. Hershey Kisses – The love of family and friends who sweeten our lives.
  8. Party Mix – We are all precious in God’s sight. No matter how different we are.

Veterans and First Responders


The children collected new and gently used children’s books to be shared by the local police and fire departments with children they encounter who are in need of comfort.

At the end of the service, Pastor Curt shared with God’s Gang the 48 Star Flag which used to be displayed in the sanctuary, and explained that a few of the Veterans present served under that flag.


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